Random Thursday: TV Edition

*”Celebrity Rehab 4,” or as I like to call it, “Train Wreck” premiered last night on VH1.  Among the “celebrities” on this season’s show are Rachel Uchitel (one of Tiger Woods’ friends), singer Leif Garrett, and the very annoying Janice Dickinson.

*Apparently A & E can turn anything into a reality show.  “Storage Wars” is now airing.  Contestants bid against each other in the hopes of winning the contents of abandoned storage garages.  I think.

*Tonight, I’m going to watch the first five minutes of an NBA game.  LeBron James and the Miami Heat head to Cleveland to take on the Cavaliers.  The same Cleveland that James used to play for.  I want to hear him get booed, and then I’m going to turn to the NFL Network and watch the Eagles and Texans.

*I’m pretty sure that our viewers are going to love Charley Johnson.  He’s only been in our newsroom a couple of days, mostly working behind the scenes, but on Tuesday he will make his WDAZ debut.  Exciting stuff.  If “Storage Wars” isn’t on I’m going to watch.

*Reggie Tales shout out to Monica in EGF.  And to Vegas Monica in Las Vegas.

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  1. How about a shout-out to those who actually thought Vegas Monica WAS IN FACT EGF Monica :) That was the best look-alike you’ve ever taken a picture of!

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