Leslie Nielsen

Leslie Nielsen in "Airplane"

Back in May, I made a list of my favorite movies ever.  Placed firmly at #3 is “Airplane,” a film that changed my life.  That movie is still funny today, which is impressive given the ever-changing world in which we live.  And I know it’s still relevant to this day, even though it came out in 1982, because people still quote lines from it.  That’s when you know a movie is good.  If you say to a friend, “Surely you’re not serious” and he replies, “I am serious.  And don’t call me Shirley” that’s a pretty good indication that they are a fan of “Airplane”.  And maybe just as importantly, a fan of Leslie Nielsen, the actor that delivered all those deadpan lines as Dr. Alan Rumack.

Sadly, Leslie Nielsen died yesterday.

His acting career was divided into two different parts.  All the serious work he did before “Airplane” and all the comedic work he did after.  Including the “Naked Gun” movies and a few others.  Who amongst us will ever forget the scene where he goes undercover as an umpire in “Naked Gun”?  Classic.

Surely, you will be missed.

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