The Next Vikings Coach Should Be

In the Summer, when the Minnesota Twins are on television and losing, I go outside and try to do something constructive, like mow the grass or wash my car.  I do the same with the Vikings.  After yesterday, let’s just say that I have the cleanest driveway on the block.

So with that, I bring you my Top 5 list of coaches I would like to see become the next head coach of the Minnesota Vikings.

1.  Bill Cowher. The former Steelers coach would be the perfect match for this lethargic team.

2.  Jon Gruden. I really like the former Tampa Bay coach.  Good blend of intensity and humor.

3.  Tony Dungy. Even though he’s quiet and low-key, he demands respect from his players.  Something current Vikings Coach Brad Childress does not.

4.  Brian Billick. I used to really dislike him, even when he was with the Vikings.  He seemed arrogant.  But I’ve done a 180 on him and would welcome him back.

5.  Mark Kroulik. The highly successful, long-time former coach at Stephen-Argyle High School might be itching to get back into the game.  And his record at the Metrodome speaks for itself.  I wonder if Zygi could pry him from his comfy Principal’s job?

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8 thoughts on “The Next Vikings Coach Should Be

    • At this point, Carrot Top would be an upgrade at coach. Heck, he could probably start for the T-wolves.

  1. Seriously? How is Leslie Frazier not in your top 5. Cowher is not coming to Minnesota, Gruden is not coming to Minnesota. Dungy is done coaching forever. Live with it. Leslie Frazier is a poor man’s dungy, and he’s all but won the job.

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