The much-anticipated and much-hyped start of Conan O’Brien’s new late night talk show, “Conan,” debuted last night on TBS.  He said he named it “Conan” because it would make it tougher for TBS to fire him.  The other 59 minutes of the show was similar in comedy.  Most of it was spent taking jabs at his former employer, NBC.

The show was extremly fast-paced.  Almost too fast.  The guests seemed to be rushed on and rushed off, which was ok in the case of the first guest, Seth Rogen.  I really thought that was the weakest part of the hour.  Rogen talked about getting engaged for a bit and then went on and on and on about smoking marijuana.  We get it Seth.

The Godfather spoof was excellent.  Larry King made a cameo and talked Conan off a bridge by explaining the possibilities of cable TV.

All in all it was pretty good, and surely it will get better.  Andy Richter was great as usual as the sidekick, and the band, “The Basic Cable Band” was excellent with a few holdovers from the Max Weinberg 7,  minus Max Weinberg.  And, oddly, Conan playing electric guitar with musical guest Jack White was very good.

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