Jake’s Bar and Grill

Jake's Bar and Grill

I went and checked out the new place on South Washington in Grand Forks yesterday for lunch with a friend of mine who also likes food.  Jake’s Bar and Grill opened on Monday of this week.  I also took a picture with my camera that doubles as a texting machine.  I think it’s a phone too but I never use it as such.  I think some people were wondering what I was up to as I hung out my vehicle window and pointed my cell phone at them.

For those of you that remember Suite 49, Jake’s has a very similar feel in its decor.  It has an upscale theme, and is adorned with approximately 40 or so flat screen TVs.  It might have been more, but I stopped counting because I wanted to eat.  I repeat.  There are televisions everywhere you look.  Every square inch of wall space has a TV hanging from it.  My kind of place.

The place is softly divided in half with a good-sized bar to the right and the dining room to the left.

The menu is fairly basic.  Burgers, sandwiches, salads, etc., but their signature item is a Spike.  A Spike is a deep-fried polish sausage.  I think that there were about four different options listed.    We split one and it was very good.  It also came with fries and I think it was $3.99.  A pretty good deal.  We ordered some other food but the french fries were worth the trip alone.  I would describe them as being similar to the fries you get at the French Fry Feed, but better.  Does that make sense?

I will return to Jake’s.  Next time I will sit at the bar.  It’s curved so that you can actually talk to people that are bellied-up next to you.  And I will watch multiple games.  All at once.

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  1. I’m confused….the french fries I had at the french fry feed were awful, so any french fry, really, would be better than those soggy excuses for a french fry.

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