Childress and Moss

Just a quick thought on this drama playing out with the Minnesota Vikings.  When the Vikings traded for Randy Moss almost a month ago, I would have assumed that they had done their homework on whether he had grown up.  But apparently not.  There is plenty of blame to go around.  Childress for making the original trade to get Moss back, and Moss for, well, acting like Moss.  In watching the game Sunday, I assumed that Moss had lost the ball in the lights.  I’ve now seen the replay about 100 times courtesy of ESPN and it’s obvious that he just didn’t feel like catching it.  And for those of you that feel you have to take one side or the other:  you don’t.  I want them both gone.  But Moss needed to go first.  Finally, here is a story by Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports.  This alone should have gotten Moss dismissed.  It’s a good read.

Moss story

4 thoughts on “Childress and Moss

  1. Chilly needs to go next. His 4th and goal call to go for it on the road was a mistake. Take the 3 points everytime. The coaching staff’s decision to challenge an obvious catch was probably the worst challenge I have ever seen. Now we are left with an old QB, in which we are designing offensive game plans around the fact that he is immobile and can’t move around in the pocket. Moss will just be a distraction that many jaded Vikings fans can focus their blame on, but the obvious problems within the organization will continue to be ignored.

  2. Lets face the fact that Brad Childress was allowed a lot of foobies. Moss, the Favre Circus, the poor play calling, not kicking the ball when that is the only thing to do. In todays Huge Money making machine of professional sports, your last decision or action better have been the right, or it could be your last. I think Zyggi Wolf showed great restraint handling the media frenzy has had with the Vikings in the past couple of years. Brett Favre a good quarterback at one time in his career, but that was then and today the team needs a young quarterback who will grow a gel with the team not someone older than the game itself. Go play catch with the high school kids and teach them the finer points, retire for good and be happy. You’ve earned that, enjoy.

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