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I was able to break free from the chains that tie me to my desk for about an hour yesterday.  And I’m really glad that I could.  A “special assignment” presented itself and I jumped at the opportunity to revert back to my old job as a news photographer.  If I hadn’t,  I wouldn’t have had the chance to meet Michael Hart.  If you’ve been following the news recently, you may recall that Hart is the man that was crushed between two vehicles on Demers Avenue in Grand Forks and lost his left leg as a result of it.  He returned from a Minneapolis hospital and spent his first full day back in Grand Forks.  And he was happy to have TV’s David Schwab and me as visitors at his home Thursday afternoon.

I didn’t know Michael before the accident, but I can’t imagine that he could have been any more postive and forward-thinking than he is now.  He spoke with a lot of determination concerning his future.  And he meant it.  He talked about not wasting time being angry, saying it wouldn’t bring his leg back.  And most importantly to him, he spoke with great passion about being a good father.

It would be nice to think that if the rest of us were in the same situation,  we’d have the same outlook.  You often hear about people like Michael Hart.  It was even more fun to meet him.

Michael Hart and his pickup that he was crushed against


Our story from WDAZ

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  1. I saw the piece on the news last night. His positive attitude struck me as very sincere, as well. I thought about what a great world it would be if half were as vibrant as he after something so tramatic.

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