Random Thursday

*Is it just me, or are the Domino’s Pizza commercials getting weirder and weirder?  Especially the latest one, where they have a “test group” inside a small room and all of a sudden the walls of the room are removed to reveal that they are sitting in the middle of a pasture with cows?  And the “test group” people are really surprised. Did they not notice when they arrived at the location that they were driving through the middle of a pasture?

*Anyway, all this pizza talk has me wishing we still had a Godfather’s in Grand Forks.  I really miss Godfather’s.

*There was a relief pitcher for the Giants last night that had the scariest and craziest beard in World Series history.  It was so scary, that Al Hrabosky was overheard saying, “Man, that’s one crazy beard.”

Sergio Romo

*The odds of Denver Hockey Coach George Gwozdecky doing something crazy this weekend at The Ralph are 4 to 1.

*Reggie Tales shout out to Jayson in West Fargo.

7 thoughts on “Random Thursday

    • My love for PR is well known. But my heart longs for Godfathers. I miss you, Godfathers.

      • Godfather’s Taco Pizza was unreal. 1 pizza could feed the offensive line of the Sioux. Thing must have weighed 10 pounds.

  1. Al Hrabosky – Not only one of the greatest beards of all-time but also one of the greatest nicknames of all-time.

  2. There is still a Godfather’s in Fargo. Not too far of a drive if your heart is truly longing!

    • Umpires are always making sure they take a ball out of play if it scrapes across the ground. With him, you have to worry about him touching his beard with the ball.

  3. Thursdays….. Random Thursday… I am sure all your days are random… what makes thursday better??

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