Carrot Top

Carrot Top

Almost anything goes in Vegas.  So, why not Carrot Top?  Had he been using his real name, Scott Thompson, I don’t think I would have been interested in seeing his show Saturday night at the Luxor.  But the chance to see Mr. Top in a small, intimate theater was way too good to pass up.  And the well-known prop comic delivered the goods.  And the props.  But Carrot Top is more than just props.  He’s a very witty, thoughtful stand-up comedian as well.  During his nearly 90-minute set, I would estimate that roughly half of his gags were prop-related.  The other half was well-delivered stories based mostly on current events and a heavy dose of self-effacing humor.  I’d always assumed that Carrot Top was “full of himself,” but I found the opposite to be true.  At least as far as his routine was concerned.  He constantly poked fun at his looks, his lack of female companionship, his hair and anything else he could think of.  The 46-year old does 280 shows a year but at no point did I feel like he was delivering “tired” material.  It felt fresh and was extremely fast-paced.  Helping keep the frenetic pace was Carrot’s use of recorded music throughout the show to help bring the joke home.  But the props are still his bread and butter.  Most are really funny, and some are so corny they’re funny.  I highly recommend this show.  I give it a 4.5 out of 5.

Show Notes:

The Luxor

The Luxor is the pyramid-shaped casino/hotel that has the bright light shooting out of the top of it.  It also has a large Sphinx sitting out front.  Carrot Top looks like he’s preparing for an Ultimate Fighting Championship.  As a comedian he must have some spare time on his hands because he looks as if though he’s been lifting some weights.   I didn’t have any popcorn at this show because it wasn’t freshly made.  Popcorn Selling 101 dictates that you make the popcorn right in front of the customer, as the smell is impossible to resist, thus increasing sales.  It’s like when someone at your work makes microwave popcorn and you think it’s the greatest thing you’ve ever smelled.  Come on Luxor, you’re better than that.  Carrot Top had a joke that was both funny and ironic.  He said that “DELTA” stands for Don’t Expect Luggage To Arrive. Upon returning to GFK, my travel companion, The Good Doctor, was told that his luggage was still in Minneapolis.  At that point I reminded TGD of Carrot Top’s joke.  I must have told it wrong, because he didn’t think it was very funny.

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