Frank Caliendo: The New Face of Vegas Comedy

The second most-asked question people have once you return from a trip to Las Vegas is, “Did you go to a show?”  “Did you gamble?” being the first.  Yes and yes.  We had the great pleasure of seeing funnyman Frank Caliendo at the Monte Carlo.  I’d never been to the Monte Carlo before.  The above picture I took off the Internets.  The below photo I took with my phone.  I like mine better.

Monte Carlo

You’ve seen Caliendo before on TV.  He’s best known for his impersonations.  John Madden, George Bush, Charles Barkley, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Jack Nicholson, and the list goes on…and on.  And he did them all.  I laughed the entire 75 minutes.  He’s very witty and was able to go seamlessly from one character to another.  His John Madden impersonation is full of Brett Favre references but he also puts his characters into situations that they normally wouldn’t be in.  Bill Clinton popped in and out of much of the dialogue, as did Charles Barkley.  His Barkley impersonation was my least favorite while his Bush character was spot-on.  Caliendo said that when he mimics Bush he conjures up the idea that the former President “looked as if he was staring into the sun while he tried to finish a sentence.”  He said he often found himself “rooting” for Bush to find the right word to complete a thought.  And in true bipartisan comedy, Caliendo hammered on Clinton and Obama as well.

I’ve been a Frank Caliendo fan long before he ever appeared on the Fox NFL Pregame Show.  He also had his own show for a while on TBS which didn’t allow for him to get deep enough into each of his characters.  This show in Vegas gave him the latitude to succeed.

Show Notes:

We sat in the sixth row of a theater that probably held about 1,000 people.  Somehow comedy is funnier when you’re closer to the origin.  Caliendo is short.  Maybe 5’5″.  And he had a band on stage that helped move the act along.  And there was popcorn, and it was awesome.

Tomorrow:  Carrot Top.

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  1. I LOVE Carrot Top–can’t wait to hear if you think he’s funny. I’ve never seen him live but I used to think he was hilarious when I’d see him on tv in the 80s.

  2. They must have been giving away Carrot Top tickets the same night you received free Lynx tickets.

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