Random Thursday

*Will Randy Moss wear #84 again for the Vikings?  I wish I would have bought a few of those off the clearance racks when Minnesota traded him a few years ago.

*The Tales will be taking a few days off as I take some well-deserved time off in Las Vegas.  Maybe I’ll do a recap of the trip on Monday.  Maybe I won’t.

*Special Reggie Tales shout out to Jenny, the new Homecoming Queen at Red River.

*A bonus shout out to Jim in Rochester.  I’m told he’s a big fan.  It might be time for Bro#1 to start a Rochester chapter of the fan club.

*If I had $1 for every person that has asked me what UND’s big announcement is going to be on Friday, I’d have $12.  Could have used that loot in Lost Wages Las Vegas.

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