Matt Frattin

I know this makes two Sioux Hockey posts in a row for me, but relax…I don’t have much else going on except a trip to Vegas on Thursday and I’m really just trying to run out the clock until then to stay focused on my job and the Minnesota Twins.

But anyway, if last night’s exhibition game between UND and Manitoba is even the slightest glimpse into the season, forward Matt Frattin is going to have an awesome season.  A monster season.  He was equal parts physical and finesse last night.  Sioux fans witnessed Frattin close out last season in very strong fashion.  It’s quite possible that he is picking up where he left off.  And in typical UND fashion, he played both ends of the ice.

Ps…It was very good to see #5 back on the ice.  Once Chay Genoway shakes the rust off, he will re-claim his position as one of the best college players in the country.  But just to see him darting around the ice for the first time in 11 months was a welcome sight.

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