Bronze Boot

Bronze Boot

I hadn’t been to the Bronze Boot in Grand Forks in long time.  The dry spell came to an end this week when I went to dinner there with a group of complete strangers.  There were seven of us and I had never met any of them before that night.  It was interesting.  But it presented a problem.  The food was so good but I felt like I couldn’t go on and on and on about it.  In fact, I never said a word about it.  Usually, when I’m with friends or family I will actually moan when food is really good.  And then I will describe it in great detail.  But since I didn’t know these people, it didn’t seem “appropriate.”  I just acted like a normal person, nodded my head politely, and continued to inhale my food.  I had a New York Strip steak, American fries, French onion soup, an obligatory salad and assorted breads and garlic toast.  And probably the best shrimp cocktail in Grand Forks.  I do not possess the vocabulary to describe how good it was.  And the fact that I couldn’t moan or drool or grunt at the table made it difficult for me to express myself.  Sometimes I will text my friends if I’m in the middle of a really good meal.  I couldn’t even do that because I left my phone in the car.

I’m not sure why the Bronze Boot had fallen off my food radar.  But suffice it to say, it’s back on it.  All thanks to the most random group of people ever assembled for a dinner.  I consider it a win-win situation.  Six new friends and a Top 5 meal.

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  1. Go there for lunch one day … you get a ton of food, it’s delicious, and it’s CHEAP!! Win, Win, and WIN!

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