Feel Good Story of the Year

You may recall back in June my obsession with the two-year-old Indonesian boy who smoked two packs of cigarettes a day:

Smoking Toddler

Well, in what has to be the most heart-warming and feel good story of 2010, little Aldi Rizal has given up heaters.  Cold turkey.  A psychologist familiar with the story took it upon himself to offer the chain-smoking boy with the cool leather jacket a chance at rehabilitation.  In doing so, he removed the toddler from an environment where nearly everyone smoked in his small fishing village.  Once the boy was taken away, he stopped asking for smokes.  And get this…the psychologist offered the boy other distractions such as…wait for it…playing and drawing.  Heartwarming.

Special thanks to Bro#1 who has been monitoring this story from the beginning.

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