Random Thursday

*I’ve been busy watching “Six Feet Under” episodes. That show is crazy enough to be really good.
*On the other hand, I’ve been watching “Mad Men” for two years now and I’m not quite sure I “get it.” All the snappy dialouge and drinking and smoking. It’s entertaining but bizarre.
*What’s with all the stars on the outside of homes in the Grand Cities?
*There is no better radio than KFAN’s Common Man and Dark Star together at the Minnesota State Fair.
*Reggie Tales shout out to Gary from the County.

One thought on “Random Thursday

  1. I’ve just started watching ‘Mad Men’ this season, and I love it. Sad to say, but I usually end up watching the ‘encore’ episode which airs immediately after the first showing. It’s the ONLY way to catch ALL of the dialouge. (Seeing Jon Hamm twice in a row ain’t bad either!)

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