Joe Di Maggio’s: Red Lake Falls Version

On a recent trip through Red Lake Falls, MN with TV’s David Schwab, we happened upon their version of Joe Di Maggio’s Sports Cafe.  The best part of working with Dave is that he doesn’t talk too much and he always lets me pick where we eat that he’s a good reporter.  Anyway, we stopped to get some lunch for the road.  In news that will surely shock people at WDAZ, Dave stayed in the car to edit on the laptop.  I was given free reign to order for us.  I hadn’t been in there in quite a while but it was pretty much the way I remembered it with all the hand-painted baseball murals on the walls.

The nice lady behind the counter apparently realized I was in a hurry because she handed me a list of the day’s specials.  I ran my finger down the page past the chicken strips and the chili cheese dogs and stopped on the Chipotle Pork Sandwhich, $5.99.  “How’s this?” I asked.  The nice lady says, “Those two guys over there just ordered it” as she motioned towards a nearby booth.  With that she went into the kitchen and came out with their plates of food and presented them to me for my inspection.  “See,” she said, “it’s really good and there’s a lot of it.”  I ordered two.  She asked if I needed anything else.  “Yes.  I’m travelling with a guy who likes ‘kind of a lot of ketchup’ with his fries.”  With that she began filling ketchup containers to-go.  Eight of them.

Anyway, the Chipotle Pork Sandwhich was insanely good and huge.  And there were enough fries to feed a family of four at the upcoming French Fry Feed.  Sorry for the lack of a picture.  The food wasn’t around long enough to be photographed.

3 thoughts on “Joe Di Maggio’s: Red Lake Falls Version

  1. The Vikes just traded Benny Sapp for Greg Camarillo…a clone to Wes Welker. Kudos to the Wilfs for their aggressiveness. They better get their stadium.

  2. Ordering lunch for each other…knowing your partner’s condiment needs. Just like an old married couple. :)

  3. At least when you told the nice lady behind the counter you wanted “kind of alot of ketchup”, you didn’t receive 103 packets. That’s always a plus.

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