The Twins and the Twins

Remember the Lamoureux Twins?  Jocelyne and Monique?  The hockey playing duo from Grand Forks that went on to star with the United States Olympic team and soon will put their game on display at the University of North Dakota?  Yes, those Twins.  Well, those Twins (yes, I choose to capitilize it) and the other Twins (Minnesota) will share Target Field for a ceremonial first pitch, or pitches, as the case will be on Saturday.  I assume they will each get to throw their own baseball.  It’s a good thing that the Minnesota Twins are now carrying three catchers on the team.  That way, backups Drew Butera and Jose Morales can handle the duties of the ceremony, and Joe Mauer can get some rest.  Remember, these two young ladies played youth baseball growing up in Grand Forks.  With the boys.  So I assume that they will both be able to throw 88 m.p.h. fastballs over the plate.  I hope Ron Mahay will be paying attention from the bullpen.  The second best part of the Twins throwing out the first pitch?  I get to bust out this picture again:

L to R, Monique, me, Jocelyne.  I think.



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