Inception Reviewed

Time for some good old-fashioned honesty here at Reggie Tales.  I went to a movie last night that, frankly, I don’t know if I was smart enough to go to.  Instead of an age requirement, it should have had an IQ requirement.  And if it had, I might have been a point or two on the wrong side of gaining admittance.  Leonardo DiCaprio stars in "Inception" along with the girl who played Juno in a movie called "Juno,"  Ellen Page.  That much I’m sure of.  From there it gets a little sketchy.  Suffice it to say, that when I left the theatre after 148 minutes, my mind was tired, I was mentally exhausted and I drove home in a fog.

It’s important to note that I thought the movie was very good, especially the 70% of it that I understood.  The other 30% was incredibly entertaining, with some of the best special effects I think I’ve ever seen.  No need for a spoiler alert here, as I couldn’t describe what happened in that movie if I went to it seven more times.  I think I can safely say that the premise of "Inception" is that people’s dreams can be tapped into in an effort to acquire important information.  I was concentrating so hard at one point that I set down my medium popcorn and my large, half lemonade, half raspberry iced-tea in an attempt to better understand what was going on.

It’s also interesting to note that the last two movies I’ve seen are "Grown Ups" and "Inception."  If you made a scale of "Brain capacity required to watch a movie" these two would be at opposite ends.  For instance, if you had left "Grown Ups" for two minutes to go to the bathroom, it wouldn’t take very much effort to catch up with the "plot."  On the other hand, if you had left "Inception" for two minutes to go get another half lemonade, half raspberry iced-tea, you would have needed the director and the writers to get you back on track.  That’s why I LOL’ed when two people entered the theatre fifteen minutes after the movie started.  I wanted to yell "good luck" but I didn’t want to break my concentration.

I know what I saw was a good movie.  I’m just not sure what I saw.

The Verdict:  3 out of 5.


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