Juicy Lucy: El Roco Edition

I originally had planned to save this entry until Monday.  But in all honesty, it can not wait. And in the name of public service, I needed to get his information out as quickly as possible.  We have a winner.  And it is from the unlikeliest of all:  The El Roco Night Club in Grand Forks.  The Juicy Lucy Debate of 2010 took a very curious turn last night when The Good Doctor, Farming Bro.#1 and his Significant Other, and I entered the dark and smoky (August 15th can not come quickly enough) world of the ER.  For the record, this is a very veteran group of JL tasters.  TGD basically brought the Juicy Lucy to my attention.  And FB1 lived next door to the historical 5-8 Club in Minneapolis, so he is well-versed.

Also for the record:  The El Roco only serves the JL on Thursday nights.  That will have to change.  They can not deprive the world of their creation.  It is that good.  In my mind, it was better than the 5-8 Club’s version, and while I don’t think it surpasses Matt’s Bar of Minneapolis, it’s definitely in the same conversation. 

The JL is usually all about the cheese mixture found inside.  And the ER has a good one.  Spicy, but not over the top. This was not some ordinary cheese.  The hamburger itself was very well-seasoned and slightly crispy.  We went around the table and the JL graded out at an 8.5 on a scale of 1-10.  I think it could have reached as high as a 9 if it hadn’t taken 45 minutes to get it.  At one point, I assumed that they had flown it in from Minneapolis it was taking so long.

I’m not on the payroll at the El Roco, so my advice will have to be free:  Start serving the Juicy Lucy every day of the week.  Make it your thing.  You can still be a night club, but where food is concerned, become known as Grand Forks official home of the Juicy Lucy.  It’s that good.

A special note to Jimmy From Accounting: (if you’re not Jimmy From Accounting, stop reading.  Especially if you’re his wife.)  JFA, you need to concoct some excuse to drive up from Fargo next Thursday so we can go to the ER.  Bring Bokko with you.

The Verdict:  Run, don’t walk, for the Juicy Lucy at the El Roco.

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  1. Can’t wait for August 15th either, so I may try Grand Forks’ version of the Juicy Lucy.

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