Well, Another Twins Game

Undeterred, I’m heading down I-29 and I-94 this morning, dragging my 1-5 record with me to Target Field.  I half expect Justin Morneau to be blocking my passageway into the stadium.  I might wear a disguise.  In 28 years at the Metrodome, I probably saw the Twins lose a total of 10 games.  I’m half-way there and we’re not even at the midway point of the first season at Target Field.  

I’m going to try and put that all behind me, as I will also be dragging Summer Sidekick and DC Guy with me.  You remember DC Guy.  He’s my high-roller friend from our nation’s capital that skipped Stephen Strasburg’s major league debut to go see James Taylor in concert.  DC Guy has treated me to baseball games in the past, both in Washington D.C. and in Baltimore.  And he always had good seats.  Very good seats.  Once at a Nationals game, a big guy a couple rows in front of us got up.  When he turned around, it was Tim Russert.  He had a suit on with his tie slightly undone and he was drinking a Bud Light.  A few minutes later James Carville walked by us.  There won’t be any famous people sitting near DC Guy tonight, unless he counts SSK and me as famous.  Anyway, it’s outdoor baseball and green grass and Smalley’s and you get the picture.  Happy 4th of July!

One thought on “Well, Another Twins Game

  1. Reg,

    My better half and I went to our first outdoor Twins game on Wednesday – we made it our first day date in quite some time. Dropped the boys off at daycare and watched an excellent 5-1 drubbing of the Tigers. LOVE TARGET FIELD! Even my non-sports minded bride had a great time as she yelled, “skol Vikings!” when the Twins scored. Had a state fair turkey leg, Italian Sausage Brat, peanuts, french fries and a couple of beers to clear the palate. Have a great time this weekend. PM

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