Juicy Lucy: Green Mill Edition

The latest entry into the Great Juicy Lucy Debate is the Green Mill.  Late last week I went there with one of the Farming Bros.  If you recall, he and the other Farming Bro. had sampled the JL a while back, and to their dismay and amusement, Green Mill forgot to put the cheese inside it.  That would be akin to forgetting to put the cheese inside a grilled cheese sandwich.

But still we went.  The JL at the GM is a special item and isn’t on the regular menu.  And when you order it, you have to look around the room first and then whisper it. 

The JL’s arrived and at first glance they were big.  I waited a couple of minutes to bite into it but I didn’t need to.  There was cheese inside, but not very much.  I consulted with FB and he agreed.  The Green Mill made two separate hamburgers with some cheese between them but not really in the middle.  And while it was good, what it boiled down to was a really big double-cheeseburger.  Bottom line is:  for a juicy lucy to be successful, you have to believe that it is a single entity.  That it’s one chunk of food without a bunch of moving parts.  Also, it was $9.99, which is too much for a JL.  The very idea of a JL is that it should be cheap, like it was intended to be when invented in Minneapolis.

The Verdict:  Skip it.

3 thoughts on “Juicy Lucy: Green Mill Edition

  1. So a $10 Double Cheeseburger? Sounds like a major rip off. I wonder how places can get away with shit like that.

  2. el roco just got the juicy lucy in!!!! under 5 bucks add friys and its around 7-8 with tax!!!

    awesome burger!!

    write a review on that

  3. Peggy, I can’t wait to check it out. Maybe next week. Thanks for the tip!

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