The Vuvuzela

Wikipedia defines the vuvuzela as:

a blowing horn up to approximately 1 m (3 ft 3 in) in length. It is commonly blown by fans at football matches in South Africa. The instrument is played using a simple brass instrument technique of blowing through compressed lips to create a buzz, and emits (from the standard shorter horn of about 60–65 cm) a loud monotone (B?3). 

And we Americans pretend not to know anything about soccer.  But for some reason, we seem pretty worked up about a crappy, plastic horn that plays a SINGLE note.  It sounds like a 5th grade band warming up for a concert and all the notes sound the same.  The sound of the South Africans blowing their own horns has disturbed some soccer snobs so badly they have contacted ESPN to complain.  For their part, ESPN has been trying to mix the noise of the vuvuzela out of their broadcasts.  To me, it sounds like a swarm of locusts that never seems to get any closer or any further away. 

I don’t know what the big deal is.  If these people want to spend 90 minutes blowing into a horn that looks and sounds like something I got at the Shrine Circus back in the 80’s, then I say go for it.  At least they’re occupied enough so that they’re not rioting, fighting, drinking, and setting fire to the stadium.  So, to the South Africans, I say, blow on.