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I have a friend that lives in Washington D.C.  For the purpose of this story, I will refer to him as Kevin "DC Guy."  As you probably have heard, a pitcher for the Washington Nationals made his major league debut last night.  His name is Stephen Strasburg.  I’ve been following baseball for a long time and I don’t recall any player ever having this much hype before he ever threw a pitch in a real game.  So I was very interested in seeing what he could do.  Earlier in the day I sent a text to DC Guy and asked if he was going to the game to watch Strasburg.  You see, DC Guy is a big baseball fan and getting tickets would have been easy for him because he’s pretty much a high-roller and very well-connected.  So I was fairly certain he would be in attendance for this momentous occasion.  Instead, I received this response:

"I wish.  Going to a James Taylor concert instead."

I felt my soul die a little.  Really?  James Taylor?

Anyway, Red Sox Daughter and I watched every pitch last night.  We took turns saying "wow" for a little over two hours.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  When he wasn’t throwing 99 m.p.h. he was snapping off curve balls that made major league hitters the Pittsburgh Pirates look silly.  He was unreal.  He pitches again Sunday at Cleveland.  They’ve had a lot of problems getting people to go to their games.  I have a feeling that they will sell some extra tickets.

So, to recap, these two people were performing in our nation’s capital last night:

       James Taylor                                    Stephen Strasburg


Big mistake Kevin DC Guy.  And I don’t care that Carole King was playing piano.


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