Make A Date

On July 24th of this summer, two of my WDAZ co-workers and I will be travelling to Stephen, MN for a "Make A Date With Channel 8" appearance.  It just so happens that it’s the same Stephen, MN that I have a high school diploma from.  Our visit will coincide with the Stephen All-School Reunion, which they hold every five years.  I’m really grateful that in all these years that school administrators haven’t taken a closer look at my chemistry test scores.  But anyway, we will be there.  We usually schmooze with the townsfolk, which we’re pretty good at.  And in this situation, it won’t even seem like work.  For me, it will feel like hanging out in Stephen on a Saturday.  Sometimes at "Make A Dates" we are given small "jobs."  I will forward a complete list of acceptable "jobs" at a later date, but I’m thinking about something along the lines of "working" at the golf course, etc.  I will also be sending a list of "jobs" I won’t be doing, but suffice it to say that list will include, but not be limited to:  mowing my parents yard or hoeing beets. 

And in everyone’s best interest, we won’t be bringing a TV camera.  It just works better that way.

3 thoughts on “Make A Date

  1. (whispering) Don’t tell him, but they’ve renamed the event “Reggie Day”. His golden statue will be unveiled in front of Stephen High at 2pm. No flash photography, please.

  2. Maybe the potato country sign could be replaced with a Reggie Tales sign?

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