“Perfect” Game

The United States is still at war and there is an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico but for the last 24 hours all anyone can talk about is the blown call that cost a Detroit pitcher a perfect game.  People who have never seen a baseball game are crying in the streets or balled up in the fetal position under their desks.  You can always count on the people of this country to keep things in perspective.  And this is coming from one of the biggest baseball fans in the universe. 

For his part, the umpire in question, Jim Joyce, has a pretty cool mustache and he looks like former Yankees reliever Goose Gossage.  I feel so confident about that statement that I’ve taken the time to do a comparison:


                          Goose Gossage                                   Jim Joyce


I have an uncanny ability for these kinds of things.  They could be twins.  Anyway, everyone needs to settle down about the blown call.  The pitcher from Detroit says he’s ok with it.  And he got a brand new red Corvette out of the deal.  I can’t believe they gave him a new car with the auto industry in the trouble it’s in.  Now, that’s something worth getting upset about.