I was out at the Grand Forks Air Force Base yesterday.  It was pretty intense.  The Thunderbirds were practing in their F-16s and UND hockey player Monique Lamoureux went for a ride with them.  Anyway, the point of this little story is that those planes fly really fast.  And they turn really fast.  Also, they did that trick where you’re watching a couple of them and then one sneaks up behind you and pretty much puts you into the fetal position.  I don’t know if they asked for permission to buzz the control tower like Tom Cruise did in Top Gun, but they did fly very close to it.  I’m not going to the Air Show this weekend because I have a fear of 40,000 people, but the Thunderbirds would be worth the trip out there.

5 thoughts on “Thunderbirds

  1. Isn’t 40,000 exactly what Target Field holds? You should probably stop going there to as all they do is lose when you show up to town.

  2. I remember shooting video of them when I was at the base a few years ago. The sneak attack when they fly over from behind also scared the crap out of me. And also feel free to steal some of my video if your shaky shots don’t turn out. I am sure it isn’t the first time you had to dip into the archive of JD.

  3. I witnessed their arrival (at precisely 1400 to the second) Thursday, and watched subsequent performances on Friday and Saturday.

    Fast? Consider this: When they are demonstrating capabilities to non-combatants like us, FAA restrictions limit them to around 500 mph due to the need to avoid ear(and glass)-shattering sonic booms. The F-16’s top speed: Mach 2+, about 1500 mph.

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