Random Thursday

*The Kentucky Headhunters are going to be at the Marshall County Fair in Warren, Mn at the end of July.  Remember them?

*The WDAZ newsroom temperature is about 65 degrees.  I like it. 

*The Dog Park is now open.  Which is good news for area dogs.  My dog, CJ, likes to work the fence-line.  He pretends not to know me and I pretend not to know him.  It works out pretty well.

*I’m leading a "field-trip" to a Twins/Yankees game next Wednesday at Target Field.  Wish me luck.

*I’m hearing rumors of a "Juicy Lucy" at Southgate in Grand Forks.  I will investigate and get back to you.

*Strange but true:  Summer Sidekick refuses to eat any pasta dish in the summer.

*Good luck to the Grand Forks Central Girls Tennis team at the EDC tournament starting today in Grand Forks.

*A Reggie Tales shout out to Mike the Hockey Fanatic from Fargo.

4 thoughts on “Random Thursday

  1. I love the Kentucky Headhunters. I do remember them, and they are on my iPod.

  2. Hi Chris — I LOVE the Kentucky Headhunters. I interviewed them once for the Herald. What is that song of theirs that talks about something “in the sky?” Anyway, that was played in the country cemetery where a young man from my family was being lowered in the ground after his funeral. It was very moving. And also very appropriate.

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