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I’ve been to the new Mexican restaurant "Mi Mexico" four times now, and I’ve decided that is a big enough sample size to review it.  For those that don’t know, Mi Mexico sits at the intersection of South Washington and Demers in Grand Forks.  It is the site of the old Hardees. 

As is the case with most new restaurants, you have to throw the first visit out the window.  I think it was about three months ago and I’m still waiting for my food.  If I ever open a restaurant, for the first month I’m going to schedule twice the number of servers, cooks, etc. that are normally on hand.  That way, the buzz won’t be "It was really good but really slow."  Once everyone has everything figured out, then I’m going to scale back to the normal number of employees.  I think my place will be called "Reggie’s" and will probably have some sort of sports theme.  Where was I?

On visits two, three, and four, the service was great and the food was even better.  On one of the occasions, I ordered the "Especial Dinner."  There were so many plates on our table that we wondered if there were any left in the kitchen.  It consisted of a taco, a tamale, an enchilada, a chile relleno, a chalupa, and rice and beans.  And it was good.  Really good.  This is the kind of meal you order if you haven’t eaten for a couple of days or you know that you won’t be eating again for a couple of days.  On my more recent visits, my go-to meal has been the Chicken Chimichanga.  I’ve chosen to capitalize "Chicken" and "Chimichanga" because it was that good.  And that’s a sign of respect.  And they’re not afraid to go a little crispy on the bit, which I’m a fan of.  And the gravy/sauce is the best. 

By the way, the chips are served somewhere between warm and hot and are really good.  Yep, it’s official, I’ve made myself hungry for Mexican food at 8:00 in the morning.

8 thoughts on “Mi Mexico

  1. The food is great…but the cute waiters keep ME coming back for more. That place is STACKED with sexy servers!

    Note to women: Don’t bother with the hot sauce. Your body temp will rise without it! :)

  2. Wasn’t ‘Reggie’s’ the name of the diner that Jerry and the gang were banished to after George had a bad date with a waitress at Monk’s?

    Will your ‘Reggie’s’ serve a Big Salad??

  3. They finally filled that space. I was always wondering what they were going to put there.

  4. You’re right TPetter. My place will be far more friendly. But you won’t be able to get a “Big Salad.” Instead, you can get two regular sized salads.

  5. reggie your restaurant review is WAY better than haggerty’s. I think it should be a regular thing on here. you are right it actually takes a few visits to get a feel for the place. And you didnt even mention napkins! ha

  6. I eat at Mi Mexico restaurant in New Smyrna beach, Florida very often I love their food. I love Mexiczn food and have eaten at many Mexican restaurants, but Mi Mexico has the best taste of all that i have eaten. They have great service and good prices too .
    i recommend this restaurant to others and also will take visitors to my home to eat there if we chose to eat out.

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