Bowling Review

There has been a tremendous amount of clamoring A couple of people have asked me how the "Annual Stephen Guys Bowling Tournament" went.  Well, it went great.  Eleven guys from Stephen and one guy that wishes he was from Stephen but has spent so much time around us that he could pass for being from Stephen.  If that makes any sense. 

The bowling was intense and skillful, or whatever is the exact opposite of that.  I reckon we set the game of bowling back about 30 years.  If Earl Anthony was still alive today he would have kicked in the door to the West Acres Bowl and asked that we leave the premises. 

A couple people actually bowled games under 100 (not me), and the high score for the day was a 179, which is nothing to brag about, but that didn’t stop Richy a member of our group from bragging about it.  We pretty much had the bowling alley to ourselves, which was a good thing.  Any children that would have witnessed this would have sworn off bowling for life.

From L to R…ah…forget it.

No one got hurt.  Unless you count feelings.  And as always, A Good Time Was Had By All.

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  1. a group of you guys together is a scary thought! who is that hot guy on the far right of the photo in the black shirt?

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