I’m not prepared to say that one at-bat can turn a season around, but in this case, two at-bats can improve the Twins psyche where the New York Yankees are concerned.  The first at-bat was Twins DH Jim Thome facing Yankee reliever Mariano Rivera in the 8th.  It’s the kind of plate appearance that Twins hitters usually fail at.  But Thome’s professional approach and his ability to foul off a couple of nasty Rivera offerings led to him working out a two-out walk on a pitch three inches outside.

That led the way to Jason Kubel’s at-bat.  Kubel was able to pull a Rivera pitch down the right field line for his sixth career grand slam and give the Twins a 6-3 win. 

The Twins will most likely see the Yankees again this postseason, and leaving New York without a win would have most certainly had a lasting effect on their collective egos.  Minnesota hadn’t won in New York since the Carter Administration, or at least that’s how long it felt like. 

So remember those two at-bats.  Without them, I would have tore up my Twins/Yankees tickets for May 26th.

4 thoughts on “Finally

  1. No you wouldn’t be tearing up those tickets. Or I’d be there in an hour taping up the pieces. You knew your last sentence would get a comment from me ASAP didn’t you.

  2. The Twins need to “grow up” and shed the small legion team attitude that can’t play with the big boys. Maybe someone in that clubhouse can start showing their competitiveness on their sleeve a bit more and walk with a swagger when they enter the Bronx next time. Wasn’t it Bobby Jones who once said that “golf is played in a relative space of 6 inches” – your brain?

  3. That sequence of events is one of those “I’ll never forget where I was when…” moments for me. Just thinking about it brings back the chills, and also makes me cringe, knowing that Kubel is now part of a different organization.

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