Random Thursday

*Is it just me, or does Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen always look like he’s hungover?  I still like him.

*Congratulations to Red Sox Daughter for getting her picture in the Grand Forks Herald on Saturday while playing tennis for GFC.  Front page, no less.

*This gem from Summer Sidekick:  "Pepper jack cheese is an underrated cheese."  I happen to agree.

*A Reggie Tales shout out to Tad from Louisville, Kentucky.  He’s a fan.  Make him feel welcome.

*How many runners is Twins third base coach Scott Ullger going to get thrown out at home this year?

*I’ve had a cold for a week.  Still have a couple days to go before I reach a personal record.

*I’m swinging the wrenches for the first time this year later this afternoon.  I don’t think the course record at the Country Club is in any jeopardy.

3 thoughts on “Random Thursday

  1. reggie is early to rise. he’s old school like that. in about 10 years, he will be waking up at 3:30am.

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