My Favorite Movies of All-Time

Summer Sidekick suggested a blog about my favorite movies of all-time.  He said it would be interesting and generate a lot of discussion amongst the readers.  And since he’s had so few useable ideas in the last couple of weeks, here it goes.  My movie tastes are all over the map.  So, enjoy, discuss, debate, and of course, I want to hear your lists as well.

1.  The Shawshank Redemption

2.  Field of Dreams

3.  Airplane

4.  Fargo

5.  Breakfast Club

6.  Animal House

8 thoughts on “My Favorite Movies of All-Time

  1. “Yeah, I have a question. Does Barry Manilo know that you raid his wardrobe?” “You’ll get the answer to that next Saturday Mr. Bender.”

    “Dick, excuse me Rich, will milk be made available to us?”

    Oh yeah, CADDYSHACK…

  2. A Fish Called Wanda:
    “Your a true vularian aren’t you?”
    “Your the vulgarian you @#@#!”

    The Ringer
    Spies Like Us

    Any triple feature at the Sky-Vu.

  3. I agree on the first two Reg… but after that I don’t know.

    How about Dumb and Dumber, Unforgiven, Tommy Boy, Oceans 11 (The Remake), and don’t forget The Silence of the Lambs

  4. You had me at Field of Dreams. And lost me at Fargo.

    You missed Gladiator.

  5. Anyone who grew up in the 80’s HAS to have a Brat Pack movie on their favorites list. ‘Breakfast Club’ is one of the best.

    Andrew: What do you need a fake ID for?
    Brian: So I can vote.

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