Don’t Tase Me Bro

By now you’ve heard about the 17-year old kid that ran onto the field during a Philadelphia Phillies baseball game.  And there’s probably a pretty good chance you’ve seen the video of him being tasered by a cop.  Here’s a photo:

If you want to see video, I suggest You Tube.  There are about 20 different angles available.  In this day and age, everyone wants to be a photographer.  Wink. 

So in a move that has become commonplace, a "fan" jumps on the field and runs around for a while with security guards in pursuit.  In this incident, the kid eluded the guards and the cop for a little longer than normal.  So out came the taser and down goes the kid.  What followed was so predictable it makes my head hurt:  the hand-wringing of the second guessers about "excessive use of force."  The debate on talk radio and on the internets (I always love that one) has been excruciatingly painful.  "They didn’t need to use a taser."  Or, "He was just a kid."  Really?   What happens if the kid runs around on the field and then he pulls out a knife and stabs a player or an umpire?  I have a strong feeling that these same people who whine about these kinds of things would be the same ones to wonder why security "didn’t do their job."

I have a two simple solutions:  Don’t jump on the field.  Ever.  No one thinks it’s funny.  Even your friends that went to the game with you think you’re a moron.  And it hasn’t been funny the last 900 times it’s been done in the last thirty years.  Secondly, put a sign on the outside of every stadium in the world that says "If you jump on the field, you will be tased.  Repeatedly."  

5 thoughts on “Don’t Tase Me Bro

  1. Your views on this matter are a breath of fresh air! People need to quit making excuses for morons and treat them like morons.

  2. Probably won’t see another streaker anytime time soon with security having tasers.

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