Kentucky Derby

One of the perks of growing up 45 miles from the Canadian border was an annual summer trip to Winnipeg.  More specifically, the horse racing track, Assiniboia Downs.  My parents loved to bet on the ponies.  And if my memory is correct, they somehow were pretty successful at it.  And if things were going really well, sometimes we kids got to make a couple of low limit bets.  I didn’t know what I was doing then and I still don’t know what I’m doing now (feel free to insert your own punch line here.)  If you want betting advice on Major League Baseball or the NFL, ask me.  If you want betting advice on college football or basketball, ask my friend Jimmy in Fargo.  Horse racing:  no clue.

But that didn’t stop me from attending a Kentucky Derby party on Saturday.  Summer Sidekick and Mrs. Summer Sidekick planned a nice little Saturday.  A nice crowd, lots of cute hats, good food, fun, etc…and a few "games of chance."  Unfortunately, I didn’t win any.  But I did get to judge one of them.  Each person at the party had to come up with a name for a horse.  And I got to pick the winner.  I was asked if the winner could get a mention in this space. 

So Kari, here you go:  I don’t know if you were aware of my love for "The Office", but your idea for a horse’s name, "That’swhatshe Said" was both ingenious and funny. 

6 thoughts on “Kentucky Derby

  1. You do realize that “Jimmy” finished 29th out of 35 in the March Madness pool. Good luck betting with him.

  2. Love the blog bro. You have a new follower in Louisville, KY….home of the KY Derby.

    Now you need to start planning a Preakness Party….”Get Your Preak On”

    @HeadacheDocTad on Twitter

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