Twins Trip Revisited

I could make my life a lot easier if I just went back and copy and pasted one of the old blogs where I went to a Twins game just to watch them lose.  They all sound the same anyway.  Had a great time before the game at Smalley’s, stadium is beautiful, food is awesome, weather was absolutely perfect, great group of people, and of course, Twins lose.  I’m 1-4 now.  Then as soon as I leave Minneapolis they win.  I wouldn’t say there is a correlation there but there seems to be a correlation there.  But, on the bright side, it was outdoor baseball on a gorgeous night.  And I’ve got pretty good seats.  Maybe I should stop using them.

Random Thursday

*Good luck to Red Sox Daughter participating in the North Dakota State Tennis Tournament!

*There are a lot of potholes in Grand Forks.

*A Reggie Tales shout out to my aunt and uncle in New Brighton.  It’s the least I can do since I haven’t stopped in to see them in a few years. 

*My parents came to the big city the other day.  They asked me if I wanted to go to lunch.  "Where?" I inquired.  In unison they said "Mi Mexico."  That was our third trip there together.

*What is the earliest a person should begin mowing a lawn on a weekend?

*Tomorrow:  Twins Trip Revisited.

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Twins/Yankees Trip

So I’m spearheading a trip to Minneapolis for tonight’s Yankees vs. Twins game.  Four of us heading to Target Field and spending the night downtown.  The original plan looked pretty fool-proof, but a couple of wrenches have been thrown into the mix.  Apparently there is some kind of motivational speaking conference taking place at the nearby Target Center.  This somehow adds 60,000 people to the equation.  The seminar at the Target Center takes place during the day, or just before the baseball game begins.  And now, after last night’s Twins game was delayed in the sixth inning, that game will resume at 4:00 this afternoon with our game to begin after.  To put it mildly, there will be more than 100,000 people coming and going in a downtown radius of about four blocks.  It’s probably a bad place for four rubes like us.  Thank God the Timberwolves don’t have a game.  That would add a couple hundred more people to the mix (insert laughter here.)  Now that I think of it, seems like a good idea if the Timberwolves actually attended the motivational seminar.  We four, on the other hand, don’t need it.  We have plenty of motivation.

Juicy Lucy: Southgate Edition

The never-ending saga that is the Juicy Lucy took a new turn a week ago when, while shooting a story at City Hall in Grand Forks, a man came up to me and whispered "The Southgate has a Juicy Lucy."  I did not know the man.  And he really did whisper.  He may or may not have looked around to see if the coast was clear before he passed this information along.  And as quickly as he appeared, he was gone.  I didn’t catch his name, but he was very brave to approach me at City Hall and whisper the words "Juicy" and "Lucy" in the same sentence.

I think I waited 12 seconds before I called Southgate to see if it was true.  The guy on the other end of the phone was the second happiest man in the world, (me being the first) "Yes!  On Sunday’s!  They’re awesome!"  The countdown clock in my head was activated.

The hardest part about eating a Juicy Lucy on a beautiful Sunday afternoon is slinking into Southgate by yourself in broad daylight.  "Where was Summer Sidekick?" you ask.  Well, good question.  I sent him a text Sunday morning that read "Pick me up at 3:00 for Southgate and Juicy Lucy."  He responds with "Can’t, Mrs. SSK wants to go to lake."  I guess I can’t "legally" make him work on a Sunday.  But I digress.

The Juicy Lucy at the Southgate is very, very good.  It had a lot of cheese in it.  And the trick is to keep it inside, which they accomplished.  I’d give it an 8.5 out of 10 on my personal scale.  I take half a point off because I would prefer it more well-done and a full point off because there was a bingo game going on.

Darius Rucker Coming to Grand Forks

My sources are telling me that country singer Darius Rucker is coming to Grand Forks and the Ralph Engelstad Arena on October 9th.

While Rucker has made it big with his solo career, to most over the age of 30 he is more well known as the former lead-singer of the rock group "Hootie and the Blowfish."  When that group broke up, he slowly made the change to a country singer and released "Learn to Live" in 2008.  I was pretty skeptical.  I guess I was wrong.  The first three singles from that album, "Don’t Think I Don’t Think About It", "It Won’t Be Like This for Long", and "Alright" have all reached #1 on the country charts.

I went from a skeptic to fan about a year ago.  I hope to add "concert-goer" to the list in October.

Back To You, GUYS

I found this little gem today, and it’s way too good not to share.  You will thank me later.  Seriously, thank me later.

I cried tears of laughter.  It takes place during a college hockey game between Nebraska-Omaha and Michigan. 

If you watch it over and over and over again, like I have, you will start to notice different things that are equally as funny.  Like his eyebrows.  And the person who cues him by putting their hand right in front of the camera.


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I was out at the Grand Forks Air Force Base yesterday.  It was pretty intense.  The Thunderbirds were practing in their F-16s and UND hockey player Monique Lamoureux went for a ride with them.  Anyway, the point of this little story is that those planes fly really fast.  And they turn really fast.  Also, they did that trick where you’re watching a couple of them and then one sneaks up behind you and pretty much puts you into the fetal position.  I don’t know if they asked for permission to buzz the control tower like Tom Cruise did in Top Gun, but they did fly very close to it.  I’m not going to the Air Show this weekend because I have a fear of 40,000 people, but the Thunderbirds would be worth the trip out there.

Random Thursday

*The Kentucky Headhunters are going to be at the Marshall County Fair in Warren, Mn at the end of July.  Remember them?

*The WDAZ newsroom temperature is about 65 degrees.  I like it. 

*The Dog Park is now open.  Which is good news for area dogs.  My dog, CJ, likes to work the fence-line.  He pretends not to know me and I pretend not to know him.  It works out pretty well.

*I’m leading a "field-trip" to a Twins/Yankees game next Wednesday at Target Field.  Wish me luck.

*I’m hearing rumors of a "Juicy Lucy" at Southgate in Grand Forks.  I will investigate and get back to you.

*Strange but true:  Summer Sidekick refuses to eat any pasta dish in the summer.

*Good luck to the Grand Forks Central Girls Tennis team at the EDC tournament starting today in Grand Forks.

*A Reggie Tales shout out to Mike the Hockey Fanatic from Fargo.

Mi Mexico

I’ve been to the new Mexican restaurant "Mi Mexico" four times now, and I’ve decided that is a big enough sample size to review it.  For those that don’t know, Mi Mexico sits at the intersection of South Washington and Demers in Grand Forks.  It is the site of the old Hardees. 

As is the case with most new restaurants, you have to throw the first visit out the window.  I think it was about three months ago and I’m still waiting for my food.  If I ever open a restaurant, for the first month I’m going to schedule twice the number of servers, cooks, etc. that are normally on hand.  That way, the buzz won’t be "It was really good but really slow."  Once everyone has everything figured out, then I’m going to scale back to the normal number of employees.  I think my place will be called "Reggie’s" and will probably have some sort of sports theme.  Where was I?

On visits two, three, and four, the service was great and the food was even better.  On one of the occasions, I ordered the "Especial Dinner."  There were so many plates on our table that we wondered if there were any left in the kitchen.  It consisted of a taco, a tamale, an enchilada, a chile relleno, a chalupa, and rice and beans.  And it was good.  Really good.  This is the kind of meal you order if you haven’t eaten for a couple of days or you know that you won’t be eating again for a couple of days.  On my more recent visits, my go-to meal has been the Chicken Chimichanga.  I’ve chosen to capitalize "Chicken" and "Chimichanga" because it was that good.  And that’s a sign of respect.  And they’re not afraid to go a little crispy on the bit, which I’m a fan of.  And the gravy/sauce is the best. 

By the way, the chips are served somewhere between warm and hot and are really good.  Yep, it’s official, I’ve made myself hungry for Mexican food at 8:00 in the morning.

Bowling Review

There has been a tremendous amount of clamoring A couple of people have asked me how the "Annual Stephen Guys Bowling Tournament" went.  Well, it went great.  Eleven guys from Stephen and one guy that wishes he was from Stephen but has spent so much time around us that he could pass for being from Stephen.  If that makes any sense. 

The bowling was intense and skillful, or whatever is the exact opposite of that.  I reckon we set the game of bowling back about 30 years.  If Earl Anthony was still alive today he would have kicked in the door to the West Acres Bowl and asked that we leave the premises. 

A couple people actually bowled games under 100 (not me), and the high score for the day was a 179, which is nothing to brag about, but that didn’t stop Richy a member of our group from bragging about it.  We pretty much had the bowling alley to ourselves, which was a good thing.  Any children that would have witnessed this would have sworn off bowling for life.

From L to R…ah…forget it.

No one got hurt.  Unless you count feelings.  And as always, A Good Time Was Had By All.