Random Thursday

*Nicest April ever?  Yep.

*The Minnesota Twins have not lost back to back games this year.  Knock on wood.  And I’m really tired of Scott Baker.

*In 2006, I did an NBA game for ESPN.  Philadelphia and Minnesota.  That is the last time I watched an NBA game.  Does Minnesota still have a team?

*Welcome home to Robbie Bina.  He played hockey in both hotbeds this year:  Las Vegas and Norway.  Next year:  Germany.

*Conan is going to be on 60 Minutes this Sunday.  Must see TV.

*The Alerus Center should get the Zach Brown Band.  Or anyone.

*I will attempt to get in the win column when I take in a couple of Twins games next weekend.  They will be playing Baltimore.  The Orioles are already 12 games out of first in the East.

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