Random Thursday

*Special addition of Random Thursday today:  I’m randomly heading to Minneapolis for another Twins game.  I’m taking my dad, Warroad Brother, and Blonde Daughter.  This might be one of the most interesting groups ever assembled.  But that’s the beauty of it.  My dad and WB love the Twins.  BD likes people watching.  Indians vs. Twins at 12:15.

*GFC Girls Tennis kicks off today at Fargo North.  Go Knights and go RSD!

*The L.A. Kings and Vancouver Canucks series has been a beauty. 

*Here is a special celebrity look-a-like for a very faithful reader of Reggie Tales.  At a fundraiser this weekend, I ran into "Gov. John Hoeven."  Only problem was that he said no one had ever told him he looks like John Hoeven.  And some of the people I was with openly questioned whether I had lost my mind.  I guess I only see the good in people.  Let the second guessing begin.

                                                        Me (L) "Hoeven" (R)




6 thoughts on “Random Thursday

  1. I see the DDS from yesterday not only clogged your arteries but it also affected your eyesight.

  2. I actually KNOW this guy (Don Schemp), and he doesn’t look like Hoeven. You might want to consider spending some time with Dr. Mark in a location other than a golf course.

    Go, Twins! Circle me, Bert!

  3. Too funny – Consensus seems to agree with me … absolutely no resemblance to Hoeven – sad part, Reggie, the night was still young at this point!

    Have fun at the Twins game.

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