The End

After years and years of controversy, and four years of legal wrangling, the end of the Fighting Sioux nickname came quickly.  The speed in which it was addressed at the State Board of Higher Ed meeting in Mayville yesterday made the situation almost surreal.  After covering literally a couple hundred nickname related stories over the last ten years, it seemed almost anti-climactic.  In a carefully choreographed final two minutes, the nickname was gone.  A last-ditch motion was made in an attempt to put the moniker on life support, but the silence as the room waited for a "second to the motion" was as deafening as it was awkward.  It almost doesn’t make sense:  something that dragged on for so long going away so quickly.

2 thoughts on “The End

  1. Things will be the same, but yet so different when when teams take the field, court and icesheet next year. It will not sink in as much during the football season next year. But, the first time the mens and womens hockey team step on the ice, this outcome will surely sink in to all the fans that follow the Sioux.

  2. They finally got what they wanted. Now the stories will stop, and the attention they got will go away. People will really forget now… not the nickname but about them. They finally can turn their attention to the real issues they should have been paying attention to all along.

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