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A friend of mine pretty much hit the jackpot last week when she was invited to Target Field, the Minnesota Twins new ballpark, to sample all the food that will be offered during the upcoming season.  And while she didn’t eat at least one of everything (lightweight), she did offer this advice:  bring your appetite and your money. 

High marks were given to the Murray’s Steak Sandwich ($10.50),  pork chop on-a-stick, duh, it is Minnesota after all ($7.25) and rave reviews for Tony Oliva’s Cuban Sandwich ($9.00) which the former great helped develop.  The concessions will also include Chinese food, sausages, hotdogs, Juicy Lucy’s, Chili from The Loon, BBQ ribs, and the list goes on.  It’s almost comical to think that the most extravagant thing at the Metrodome was a Dome Dog.

I spent part of my Easter weekend discussing ballpark food strategies with Red Sox Daughter and Summer Sidekick.  I don’t think we reached a consensus on our attack, but one thing is for certain:  there’s not enough innings. 

I wish it was a doubleheader.

3 thoughts on “Ballpark Food

  1. Here is how you have to work it. Murray’s Steak Sandwich before the game. Get that thing down and walk it off a little bit. After the 3rd inning, you grab a Juicy Lucy, then after the 7th you have to try Tony O’s Cuban Sandwich. That is how my itinerary will read.

  2. I wonder if they serve heavily buttered popcorn in brown paper shopping bags. Looking forward to tasting the items this summer at the field. Great columns, Reggie.

  3. PM, thanks for remembering the “good old times.” Popcorn the way it was meant to be.

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