If you’re like the rest of the fans in the sporting world, you’ve been waiting for some kind of sign that Brett Favre is coming back to the Minnesota Vikings or isn’t coming back to the Minnesota Vikings.  Well, my long-suffering purple friends, that tell-tale sign came last night when the Philadelphia Eagles traded Donovan McNabb to the Washington Redskins for a pair of draft picks.

What in the name of Tommy Kramer does this have to do with the Vikings and Favre, you ask?  The fact that Minnesota never made a move in the month-long trade discussions is proof enough that Favre has already told Brad Childress he’s coming back.  Without that assurance, the Vikings would have been very interested in what Donovan McNabb still  has left in the tank.  But since the Vikings didn’t get involved, something tells me that Favre told Childress, "Look, I want to play another year, but I don’t want to go through all those summer practices, the meetings, and the long training camp.  So I’m going to wait to until the second or third preseason game to come back."  And for his part, Childress will need to pretend that he doesn’t know what Favre’s plans are.  Because if you’re going to openly have agreements with a player like this, then why would any veteran ever show up for all those practices? 

Favre turns 41 on October 10th.  I know this because he shares a birthday with my sister.  She will be turning…umm…well…that’s really not that important right now.  My point is, I still prefer a 41-year-old Favre over a 33-year-old Donovan McNabb, and so, apparently, do the Vikings.

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  1. Completely agree with your analysis, especially since McNabb made it clear that if he didn’t stay in Philly that his preference was Minnesota. Umm…I think your sister turns 29 again this year.

  2. He is, even at his age one of the best QB’s in football(My Opinion of course). As much as I want to see him play for purple, I just hope he doesn’t end up all full of grass stains like the last game of the year. I hope he doesn’t end up like 99% of boxers that have to be carried out of the ring, instead of walking away from the ring!

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