Random Thursday

*I don’t remember the last time we had an enjoyable spring where the weather is concerned.  But we are off to a nice start this year.  Last year was abysmal.  I’m pretty sure we didn’t see 60 degrees until June 1st.  My dad always cites the "Good Friday Rule."  Something about whatever the weather is like on Good Friday will dictate how the rest of the spring will go.

*The application process for my "Summer Sidekick" position has closed.  I’ve been sifting through the entries and the leader right now is a hockey player from Germany who’s just returned to the States.  The sidekick is basically a ceremonial position.  Some of his duties will include being the fourth guy in various golf tournaments, attending random Minnesota Twins games, watching CJ while I’m away, and laughing at all my keen observations.

*I was in Thief River Falls yesterday for an interview with United States Senator Amy Klobuchar from Minnesota.  Pretty exciting stuff in itself, but it got even better.  We stopped at the Cenex on the north side of TRF for some gas.  I pulled up to the pumps and noticed a young woman of about 20 years, wearing a Cenex shirt.  We got out of the car and she asked, "Filler up?"  I thought she was kidding.  I said, "Are you a gas station attendant and do you actually work here?" "Yes, and yes" came her reply.  For those of you under the age of 40, back in the olden days, a gas station attendant, or a service station attendant as it was also known, would pump your gas, check your oil, and even clean your windows.  Crazy, I know.  

*April Fool’s Day is for amateurs.  If you’re serious about playing tricks on people you should be working at your craft every day of the year.  Pranks should be elaborate and timely.  Doesn’t it seem kind of obvious that if someone at work is telling you a crazy story today that it’s an April Fool’s Day joke?  I mean really?  What are the odds of that same crazy story falling on April Fool’s Day?  If "Jimmy" from accounting hasn’t spoken to you since last year at this time, it should be a red flag that the story he’s weaving this year isn’t really true.

3 thoughts on “Random Thursday

  1. schneids will make a great sidekick. you two get into some unbelievable situations! add dave schwab to the mix and there will be chaos this summer!

  2. You know who I am and this is not a good thing for you. Side kicks are usually helpful or at the least someone to bounce ideas off of and you know that I know the person in question here is not a participant in either one of these two catagories. Just an observation.

  3. You’ve brought up some fair points. Think of the sidekick position as a an “internship.” His work will be evaluated on a weekly basis. If changes need to be made, I won’t hesitate to make them.

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