Famous Look-a-Likes

Since I don’t have any "normal" hobbies like collecting stamps or coins or baseball cards, I’ve decided to take pictures of people who "look" like famous people.  The most recent addition to my collection is "Phil Jackson."

I found this guy at The Liffey in St. Paul a couple months ago.  He was very eager to take a picture with me but claimed that no one has ever told him he looks like Phil Jackson, head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers.  Not once.  I found that hard to believe.  I picked him out of the crowd rather easily.  Whenever he walked by our table the rest of the night he would give us a knowing nod of the head.  He was either being polite or he was carefully acknowledging his first stalker.

5 thoughts on “Famous Look-a-Likes

  1. Dave Wee! Dave Wee! I thought the VERY same thing!

    For the record, Tight Follow looks a little like Rick from “Pawn Stars”. In a cute way. :)

  2. He just looks like some older, gray haired white guy to me. I bet he has bad knees and hips though.

  3. Reggie – Why don’t you add the “John Hoeven” look-alike pic from Saturday night and see if others agree with you … venture to say you may be the only man that sees the resemblence!

    Great time!

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