Travel Notes

TV’s David Schwab and I made the longer than normal journey to Roseau yesterday.  What made it longer was that the bridge at Drayton is still closed so we had to cut through EGF and then take what is commonly referred to as the "Stephen Passage."  It adds about an extra half hour each way.  Probably because of the heavy traffic coming in and out of Stephen.  Wink. 

We didn’t stop at my parent’s house because they never have any Diet Coke (which I like) nor expensive coffee (which Schwab likes.)  So we carried on through Karlstad, Greenbush, Badger and then to Roseau.  We shot our story and then set our sights on Earl’s Drive-In, but alas, it was not open.  So we took our anger out on the Pizza Ranch.  The Roseau Pizza Ranch is currently ranked number two in the Pizza Ranch rankings.  Cooperstown is #1.  Devils Lake is third.  Note to self:  a Pizza Ranch would work in G. Forks. 

One other thing, I’d really like to unleash my golf game on the Roseau Golf Course.  I’ve never played there, and although I haven’t swung the wrenches yet this spring, I think I could tame it with a crisp 98.  I’d get my money’s worth.  And if I didn’t, I’d go to the Pizza Ranch.

3 thoughts on “Travel Notes

  1. Two SD Pizza Ranches get high marks from me. The Aberdeen version has a very friendly staff, and Pierre personnel asked for our favorite pizza (taco at that time) and put one out shortly after we started grazing.

    Tell Bernice to buy a truckload of diet coke next time they’re in GF.

  2. roseau’s is pretty good. i like the thought of you two cutting through the “stephen pass.” pretty funny. hopefully you at least waved at your parent’s house when you went through town.

  3. Enjoyed your comment about the Cooperstown Pizza Ranch being #1 in your books. I work there and we are always gettting comments how our food tastes better than other Pizza Ranch restaurants. Thanks!!

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